Vaulting suit

Vaulting suits Lessel offers individual vaulting suits made to measure

Vaulters feel most comfortable on horseback, that much is certain. But they only feel particularly comfortable in a custom-fit vaulting suit from Turnanzüge Lessel.

In vaulting, both individually and with the team, the perfect harmony of movement with the horse and with the rest of the team plays a very important role. In order to emphasize this perfect harmony, well-fitting and visually appealing vaulting suits are very important.

During training, but especially at tournaments, beautiful and appealing vaulting suits are considered a very important component in the overall image.

Joint implementation

With your support, we will make a custom vaulting suit for you that will meet your individual needs and desires and provide you with the best possible support in practicing your sport. You are welcome to design the color scheme according to your club colors. Such a choice of colors expresses not only on paper, but also in the jerseys the sense of togetherness with your team and your club.

With our plain or colorful suits, you are guaranteed to impress both spectators and tournament judges at your next competition. Simply choose your desired colors.

For the fabric you have the choice between:

  • ● Glitter fabrics
  • ● Metallic fabrics
  • ● Lycra fabrics
  • ● Velvet fabrics in various designs

A perfectly fitting vaulting suit supports you in your sport

Of course, we are aware that vaulting suits are not just about good looks. First and foremost, the material must be of high quality and able to withstand the extreme stresses placed on it during vaulting. Therefore, it goes without saying that we only use very stretchy fabrics, so that vaulting does not cause any tears or other damageIn addition to the fabrics, we also pay very close attention to all other materials, so that they can withstand high loads and are flexible. Because as a vaulter, you can't afford to have a seam suddenly tear in the middle of a competition, while jumping up or during a difficult lifting figure.

In terms of jersey and suit sizes, thanks to our custom tailoring system, we are very flexible and can produce all sizes from mini jerseys for the smallest vaulters aged four and up to vaulting suits for adult athletes. We can easily outfit an entire team and create for each vaulter the suit that exactly fits their stature and adapts to every movement without restricting them.

So that you can give your measurements exactly, we have prepared a little help for you with our size chart. Whether for single vaulters, duos or teams: We are your expert for the optimal vaulting suit. Thereby we attach importance to a good look as well as to absolutely high-quality materials and workmanship.