Prices, shipping costs and delivery information

The prices stated on the product pages include the statutory value added tax and other price components.

We deliver only within Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark and Italy.

In addition to the stated prices, we charge for delivery according to the item quantity and country staggered, the respective shipping costs. The shipping costs are clearly communicated to you again in the shopping cart system and on the order page.

There are no shipping charges for digital content (e-books, software, coupon code, etc.).

We will soon enable shipping in the store to the U.S.A. to meet the greater demand of our customers there.

Packing and shipping costs
Here you can see our shipping costs for the number of ordered items (listed by country).
 1 piece
2 piece3 piece4 pieces+
Germany 2,-€ 3.50 ,-€ 4.50 ,-€ 6,-€
Austria 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
Switzerland 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
Luxembourg 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
Belgium 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
France 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
Netherlands 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
Denmark 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
Italy 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
Spain 4,-€ 5,-€ 6,-€ 7,-€
The minimum shipping costs within Germany are 2.- €
The minimum shipping cost to other EU countries and Switzerland is 4.-€.
Each additional item increases the shipping cost by 1.- €,
but maximum up to 6.-€ within Germany and 7.- € to other EU countries and Switzerland.
The maximum shipping costs within Germany are 6.-€
The maximum shipping costs to other EU countries and Switzerland are 7.-€.

From 99,-€ purchase value you order with us free of shipping costs.

Note for our Swiss customers:

As a non-EU country, our Swiss customers order without the German VAT.

The correct price (net without 19% VAT) will be displayed shortly before you complete your order.

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