Gymnastics suit

High quality custom gymnastics suits

Gymnastic performances of athletes, in addition to a suitable surface and equipment, require only a suitable gymnastic suit for the performing athletes themselves. These suits are body-hugging leotards with a very high flexibility. The flexibility comes from the permanently elastic fabrics used in modern sportswear, such as elastane. Due to these polymer fiber mixtures used, the suit fits closely to the body and thus presents itself as far as possible without wrinkles and is also skin-friendly.   

Gymnastics suits are optimally tailored to the needs of the wearer

Our custom-made leotards take into account from the ground up the special stress zones on the leotard and are cut accordingly in problematic areas, such as the underarm or crotch area. Then they are sewn with special and highly flexible hi-tech yarns, combining durability with functionality and offering maximum freedom of movement.   

With its atelier in Schwalbach, the Lessel company is dedicated to outfitting gymnasts. Due to their many years of experience, they know exactly what is important to athletes and what there is to consider and take into account when making high-quality sportswear.Each gymnastics suit from the house of Lessel is unique and is made exactly according to the individual measurements, dimensions and needs of the gymnast. This guarantees that the final product will not hinder the athlete in the practice of the sport, nor throw unsightly wrinkles or slip on the body.The high-quality suits are available in many different designs, cuts and colors. Just find your desired model and choose the color and fabric you want. There is a wide range of colors to choose from in the categories: ● Glitter fabrics● Metallic fabrics● Lycra fabrics● Velvet smooth● Velvet crash Regarding decor and accessories (Swarovski rhinestones or glitter holograms) we are of course happy to realize your own ideas. 

We offer help around the new gymnastic suit

Own design with high quality

To get the best result, it is important to specify its dimensions correctly. But this is not so easy. We help you with our size chart to correctly determine and specify your measurements in relation to different suit sizes, so that you are fully satisfied with their tailored suit.To enjoy your suit longer, we also offer washing instructions for different fabrics and designs. We ship our gymnastics suits nationwide and also serve some neighboring countries. We only need two weeks to make your custom gymnastics suit and if your order is over 99 Euros, the delivery is completely free of charge for you.